N-Fab Wheel To Wheel Nerf Step Bars


If you are like me, finding it increasing harder to get in to your lifted truck and do not like the bulky and obtrusive step that are commonly available and don’t want to spend the cash for the power hidden steps than look at these N-Fab Wheel 2 Wheel Nerf Step Bars.

These have a clean sleek look that also adds some rocker panel protection for those of you that actually off-road your vehicle. N-FAB’s Wheel 2 Wheel Nerf Steps have the 3” main bar extend from wheel well opening to wheel well opening for a more finished and complete look. These N-Fab B Nerf Step Bars are manufactured from super thick .084” that is zinc coated for corrosion protection.

N-FAB’s Nerf Steps will even work with my body lift as they mount to the cab and not the frame. The main bar is positioned high and tight for better aesthetics and so it will hide the exposed frame you can see under the truck.

These Bars are super simple to install. My Regular Cab Long Bed N-Fab Wheel 2 Wheel Nerf Step Bars part number N/FF8084RC only required the drilling of 8 holes per side through double wall sheet metal and not thick frame material. These N-Fab Wheel 2 Wheel Nerf Step Bars are super strong and stable even supporting my 300Lbs without stressing the mounts or bending.


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