Turn Your Jeep into a Towing Machine!

Jeep JK Towing

Jeep JK Towing

Most people don’t buy Jeeps just for their looks. When you buy a Jeep you are buying a vehicle that has certain capabilities that normal cars do not, from the all-terrain qualities to their ability to tow and everything in between. If you are interested in using your vehicle for towing though, you are going to have to buy the proper hitch for your wants/needs.

There are several varieties of hitches that can fulfill different needs. Ball mount adapters are great because they are made of a heavy duty cold rolled steel which help to maximize your Jeeps overall towing capacity. Rugged Ridge hitchescan be attached directly into the manufacture holes in the back of your Jeep and are sturdier than other hitches because they are one piece rather than a series of pieces that need to be attached to your vehicle before being attached to your trailer. The best way to choose a hitch is to decide what kind of towing you are doing and work from there. In some cases a basic Ball Hitch and mount will work just fine for your needs, but if you are going on extended distances or over tough terrain it may be better to invest in something like the Rugged Ridge Rear Hitch. Find the right one and you’ll be on your way to towing in no time!

 As always check your vehicles owner’s manual for your vehicles maximum towing limits and never exceed them.


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