Air Bag Cradle

AirBagCradleOne of the slickest things I have seen enter the towing products world in a long time is this slick new product from Daystar.

This Air Bag Cradle from Daystar is designed to fit all common 6” diameter air bags from all popular manufactures. The Daystar Air Bag Cradle is designed to prevent the damaged to your air bags caused by placing your truck on a lift for servicing without disconnecting the bags. Forgetting to disconnect the air bag when the suspension is unloaded will cause the weight of the hanging axle to tear the air bags apart. This also happens to trucks that are used for on and off roading.  Many times off roading will articulate the suspension tearing the bags as well as jumping the truck.

The Daystar Air Bag Cradle will allow the air bag to separate from its lower mount point and return to proper alignment itself when the axle returns to normal ride height without any assistance on your part.

The super thick polyurethane is designed to cradle the lower portion of the air bag keeping it properly aligned and the high durometer plastic like polyurethane will not split or tear even with the highest loads.



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