Cover Your Rear

40-2046MBOne of the forgotten parts on many trucks is the rear axle. The rear axle is many times forgotten about when it comes time for servicing your truck. The rear axle takes a beating especially when towing those heavy trailers up long grades. There is a lot of friction building up tons of heat in the rear and it has no form of cooling except for the hot under vehicle air that passes over it.

One of the easiest ways to help your axle run cooler is to add an aluminum differential cover. Many vehicle manufactures have seen the benefit f the aluminum cover and have now added them to them to their trucks from the factory. Although the factory has seen the light the oem covers leave little to be desired compared to many of the aftermarket covers.

For instance the G/2 Axle & Gear’s new Brute Differential covers have some awesome features. Besides having a beautiful black powder coat finish this extremely heavy duty extra oil capacity cover has cast in internal cooling fins and ball milled external cooling fins to remove the maximum amount of heat as possible.40-2046MB-3

This cover features a magnetic dip stick that uses super powerful rare earth magnets to make checking the oil level a snap and pulls the tiniest metal particles from the oil preventing potential bearing damage. This G/2 Differential cover also has a a magnetic leak free drain plug, convenient filler plug and an oil level port to make cover removal unnecessary for servicing the differential. Since removal is no longer necessary the G/2 Differential Covers have a one-piece O ring imbedded into a precision machined mating service for a 100% leak free seal but is reusable just in case you do desire removing the cover.40-2046MB-2


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