Free Wheeling

 Dynatrac.FreeSpin.cutawayOne of the problems that are plaguing the newer Ford and Dodge 4×4 trucks owners is the failure of the unit bearing front wheel bearings. These unit bearings have a high failure rate among trucks that see a lot of off-road use and heavy towing. These unit bearings are not serviceable and have to be replaced as a unit (thus the name) which can be quite costly especially out on the road.

Dynatrac has come up with a solution for this problem. Dynatrac’s Free Spin Kit will convert from the unit bearing to a simple and much stronger spindle with replaceable wheel bearings and seals as well as   options for upgraded 35 spline stub axles and locking hubs for the Dodge trucks providing you with not only more strength but better fuel economy to boot. The use of the Dynatrac Free Spin Kit will allow Dodge owners the ability to run a locker in their front axles without any drivability issues because of the ability to now run manual locking hubs.Free-Spin


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