air intake system

air intake system

It was explained to me decades ago by people that are much wiser than I that an engine is nothing more than an air pump, the more air you can get in and out of the engine the more power potential you have. That being said one of the major corks in your trucks power potential is the air filtration system of your truck.
The factory has many things to consider when building a vehicle for sale to the general public. We have all wondered why the factory compromises a part on their vehicles when it is obvious to us there is a better way to do something. Many of the compromises have to do with cost. If you can save $1 on 1,000,000 vehicles you saved $1,000,000 off the bottom line. The other compromise may have to do with looks, comfort or in the case of the air intake system it has mainly to do with engine noise.
Many of the car buying public will be annoyed by the sound of the engine inhaling air and would shy away from a vehicle simply because it is loud. Most of your enthusiasts are not bothered by a little hissing sound and would gladly hear a little noise and have more power. That is where the aftermarket company’s have stepped in and created high flow air intake systems for nearly everything on the road. Almost all of these intake systems advertise horse power and fuel economy gains by increasing the air flowFJ Intake 54-81162
Even if you a bothered by noise or the cost of a high flow intake system there are products on the market that are low cost and simply replace your paper air filter element with a high flow gauze type air filter element. This drop in air filter elements will free up small amounts of power and economy on all gas and diesel engines. The reason the factory doesn’t use these types of filters is mainly cost. The gauze type filters are usually two or three times the cost of a paper filter. The cost of the high flow filters is offset because most are reusable. Simply remove it, wash it and oil it or just reinstall no cost
replacement air filter element

replacement air filter element


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