15734_Tahoe_Denali_EscaladeOne great addition to your tow vehicle is the addition of a performance exhaust system. A performance exhaust system will allow your truck to breathe easier by allowing the exhaust to flow more freely by removing restriction from the exhaust. He performance exhaust system will give you a boost in power to help get your load moving and help keep it going at speed on those nightmare grades as well as giving you better fuel economy which we all enjoy. They also make you truck sound much cooler if you are into that.

A free flowing exhaust has even more benefits for our turbo diesel engines. The freer flowing exhaust systems will help the turbo’s spool up faster allowing you to make more power faster and reduce dangerous exhaust temperatures on long grades.

Our gasoline burning truck can also benefit from other reflowing exhaust products available to them. One of these products is the use of high flow aftermarket catalytic converters and shorty tube headers. Be sure to check with your states laws governing the use of these products as many are not approved for many states. Although this can be a hassle it is worth the effort.M-F_22761_PIC_4_1_72


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