Turn Your Jeep into a Towing Machine!

Jeep JK Towing

Jeep JK Towing

Most people don’t buy Jeeps just for their looks. When you buy a Jeep you are buying a vehicle that has certain capabilities that normal cars do not, from the all-terrain qualities to their ability to tow and everything in between. If you are interested in using your vehicle for towing though, you are going to have to buy the proper hitch for your wants/needs.

There are several varieties of hitches that can fulfill different needs. Ball mount adapters are great because they are made of a heavy duty cold rolled steel which help to maximize your Jeeps overall towing capacity. Rugged Ridge hitchescan be attached directly into the manufacture holes in the back of your Jeep and are sturdier than other hitches because they are one piece rather than a series of pieces that need to be attached to your vehicle before being attached to your trailer. The best way to choose a hitch is to decide what kind of towing you are doing and work from there. In some cases a basic Ball Hitch and mount will work just fine for your needs, but if you are going on extended distances or over tough terrain it may be better to invest in something like the Rugged Ridge Rear Hitch. Find the right one and you’ll be on your way to towing in no time!

 As always check your vehicles owner’s manual for your vehicles maximum towing limits and never exceed them.

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The Most Important Towing Accessory

One of the biggest perks to buying a Jeep comes in having a vehicle with towing capabilities. Not all cars can handle carrying a load on their backs but with the right towing accessories turning your Jeep into a towing machine is no problem. In order to make any car your own personal moving van you have to attach a hitch of some sort. With Jeep being such a desirable car for these sorts of purposes, there are a multitude of different hitches available for any type of Jeep that can be easily purchased on any accessory site that features Jeep wears. There are even some sites dedicated solely to Jeep towing accessories.


When choosing a hitch it is important to determine what exactly you want to be towing, and what you want to be towing it in. If you are using it to attach a trailer, you will need one kind of hitch, but if that trailer is full of horses or you are carting around jet skis, you will need another. Obviously this is all dependent upon your own needs, but regardless there are towing accessories available for your interests. Once you have a hitch you can pursue other towing accessories, but it is hands down the most important towing accessory that you will invest in on your Jeep.


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Stay Connected With The Smittybilt Tow Bar

Smittybilt Adjustable Tow Bar

If you are looking to tow your Jeep or other offroad toy behind your motor home, these Tow Bar Kits from Smittybilt are just the ticket.

These Smittybilt Tow Bars are rated to 5,000 pounds and will fit any standard 2 inch ball. These Smittybilt Tow Bars come with two universal brackets that are made to fit all Smittybilt front bumpers or can be adapted to others with minor fabrication.  This Smittybilt Tow Bar is adjustable to fit most frame widths and mountings locations.

The Smittybilt adjustable tow bar comes powder coated black for good looks and protection from the elements and includes a safety chain.

So when you need a heavy duty 5000 pound rated tow bar to fit your standard 2 inch ball look no further that Smittybilt. These heavy duty Smittybilt tow bars can be found at 4 Wheel Parts and 4WD.

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Go The Distance With Titan Extra Capacity Fuel Tanks

ImageIf you are like me the one thing you hate while towing is constantly having to stop for fuel. Well with these extended range fuel tanks from Titan Fuel tanks you can cut that down to a minimum. These extra large capacity fuel tanks can more than double the distance between fill ups,

These Titan Extra Capacity fuel tanks are manufactured from extra heavy duty cross-link polyethylene and take the place of your trucks factory smaller fuel tanks keeping 100% available bed space.

These Titan high capacity replacement fuel tanks come complete with powder-coated cross-member bracket and steel strap set, rubber mounting bushing, vent hoses. All tanks come with a rollover safety vent valves, seals and required clamps.

Since these Titan large capacity fuel tanks bolt in to the place of your factory tank there are no extra fuel filler holes odd looking doors cut into your truck bed. You will never know from the outward appearance that there is a larger capacity tank installed on your truck unless you look under the truck. These Titan extra capacity fuel tanks even use the factory filler to fill the tank.

These Titan Extra capacity fuel tanks are available for the following vehicles.

2001-2009 GM Extended Cab Short bed 43 Gallon tank

2001-2009 GM Crew Cab & Ex Cab Long Bed 55 Gallon Tank

2001-2009 GM Ex Cab Short Bed 52 Gallon Tank

2001-2009 GM Crew Cab & Ex Cab Long Bed 62 Gallon Tank

2008 Ford F250-F350 Crew Cab Short Bed 51 Gallon Tank

1999-2007 Ford F250-F350 Crew Cab Short Bed 51 Gallon Tank

2008 Ford F250-F350 Crew Cab Long Bed 67 Gallon Tank

1999-2007 Ford F250-F350 Crew Cab Long Bed 67 Gallon Tank

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N-Fab Wheel To Wheel Nerf Step Bars


If you are like me, finding it increasing harder to get in to your lifted truck and do not like the bulky and obtrusive step that are commonly available and don’t want to spend the cash for the power hidden steps than look at these N-Fab Wheel 2 Wheel Nerf Step Bars.

These have a clean sleek look that also adds some rocker panel protection for those of you that actually off-road your vehicle. N-FAB’s Wheel 2 Wheel Nerf Steps have the 3” main bar extend from wheel well opening to wheel well opening for a more finished and complete look. These N-Fab B Nerf Step Bars are manufactured from super thick .084” that is zinc coated for corrosion protection.

N-FAB’s Nerf Steps will even work with my body lift as they mount to the cab and not the frame. The main bar is positioned high and tight for better aesthetics and so it will hide the exposed frame you can see under the truck.

These Bars are super simple to install. My Regular Cab Long Bed N-Fab Wheel 2 Wheel Nerf Step Bars part number N/FF8084RC only required the drilling of 8 holes per side through double wall sheet metal and not thick frame material. These N-Fab Wheel 2 Wheel Nerf Step Bars are super strong and stable even supporting my 300Lbs without stressing the mounts or bending.

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Smittybilt 4″ Drop Ball Mount

Wow I was truly impressed with Smittybilt’s new trailer drop hitches. These forged steel Ball Mounts feature a beautiful black powder coat finish for years of rust and corrosion protection. These Smittybilt forged drop ball mounts has a heavy duty class III rating which is approved for up to a 6,000lbs trailer and a 600lbs tongue weight as long as you do not exceed the towing rating of your particular vehicle. These Smittybilt drop hitches are made to fit any standard 2″ X 2″ receiver hitch. These drop ball mounts can be used inverted to provide you with a 6′ raise for lowered vehicles. These Smittybilt drop hitches can be seen along with all of Smittybilt’s fine products at Smittybilt Depot http://www.smittybiltdepot.com/SmittybiltTowing/4in-Drop-Ball-Mount.aspx?t_c=67&t_s=419&t_pt=3564&t_pn=S%2fB2904

Smittybilt 2904 4″ Drop Ball Mount

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